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Company News About What is the difference between MP-GC Cable and SHD-GC Cable?
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What is the difference between MP-GC Cable and SHD-GC Cable?

Latest company news about What is the difference between MP-GC Cable and SHD-GC Cable?

MP-GC (Mine Power - Ground Check) and SHD-GC (Shielded Heavy Duty - Ground Check) cables are both used in mining applications but have different features and intended uses, making them suitable for distinct scenarios.





MP-GC Cables

MP-GC cables are primarily designed for high-voltage distribution in underground mining environments.


They are typically used in relatively stationary installations that do not require frequent relocation. The key features of MP-GC cables include:


- **High Voltage**: Suitable for high-voltage applications, often used as mine power feeders.

- **Stationary Installations**: Ideal for installations that are moved no more than twice per year, making them less suitable for dynamic or mobile equipment.

- **Construction**: Generally constructed with Ethylene Propylene Rubber (EPR) insulation and Chlorinated Polyethylene (CPE) jackets, providing durability and resistance to environmental factors.



SHD-GC Cables

SHD-GC cables, on the other hand, are heavy-duty portable power cables designed for more dynamic mining operations.


They are suitable for applications involving frequent movement and harsh conditions.


Key characteristics include:


- **Flexibility and Durability**: Built to withstand extensive abrasion, impact, vibration, tension, and cut-through, making them suitable for mobile equipment like loaders, drills, conveyors, and pumps.


- **Shielding**: These cables include metallic shielding, which provides additional protection against electrical interference and physical damage.


- **Heavy Duty**: Designed for severe conditions, they feature reinforced jackets for extra protection. They are often used in continuous miners, longwall miners, and other mobile equipment.




- **MP-GC**: Best for high-voltage, stationary applications in underground mining.

- **SHD-GC**: Ideal for dynamic, high-stress environments requiring durable and flexible cabling.



These differences make each cable type uniquely suited to particular mining applications, ensuring safety and efficiency in diverse mining operations.