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Company News About What is the 241.1 mining cable ?
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What is the 241.1 mining cable ?

Latest company news about What is the 241.1 mining cable ?


The 241.1 mining cable is a specific type of trailing cable used in the mining industry, designed to withstand the demanding conditions of mining environments.





This cable is built to meet the rigorous standards of AS/NZS 1802:2003 and other relevant standards such as AS/NZS 1125, AS/NZS 3808, and AS/NZS 5000.1.




Key Features of 241.1 Mining Cable






1. **Applications**:




- This type of cable is used for various high-stress applications, including as a main feeder cable for continuous miners, as well as for pumps and power supply systems in mines.




The cable's robust construction makes it suitable for harsh mining conditions, ensuring reliable performance.





2. **Construction**:



- **Conductors**: The cable consists of flexible stranded tinned annealed copper conductors, which provide excellent conductivity and flexibility.



- **Conductor Screen**: For 1.1/1.1kV cables, a polyester barrier tape is used, while for 3.3/3.3kV and above, an extruded semiconductive tape is applied.



- **Insulation**: Ethylene Propylene Rubber (EPR) is used for insulation, providing high resistance to heat and chemical exposure.



- **Insulation Screen**: A semiconductive tape is used to enhance electrical performance.



- **Sheath**: The outer sheath is made of heavy-duty PCP (Polychloroprene), which offers excellent durability and resistance to environmental stressors.







3. **Safety and Durability**:





- The 241.1 mining cable includes a semi-conductive screen that provides protective earth contact, minimizing the risk of electrical hazards if the sheath is breached.






This feature enhances safety by ensuring any object that penetrates the sheath makes contact with the protective earth before reaching the power conductors.




4. **Standards Compliance**:



- Complies with multiple standards to ensure safety, reliability, and performance in mining operations.




5. **Additional Components**:



- The cable includes a central extensible pilot and three interstitial earth conductors, providing additional layers of safety and reliability.







These features make the 241.1 mining cable a robust choice for mining applications, offering reliability, safety, and durability under extreme conditions.








By understanding these key aspects, mining operators can select the appropriate cable type for their specific needs, ensuring efficient and safe operations in their mining environments.