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Company News About What Does (N) SSHÖU 3E+ST Cable Mean?
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What Does (N) SSHÖU 3E+ST Cable Mean?

Latest company news about What Does (N) SSHÖU 3E+ST Cable Mean?

The (N) SSHÖU 3E+ST cable designation provides detailed information about the cable's characteristics and intended use, following the German cable naming conventions. 


- **(N)**: Indicates that the cable conforms to a specific German standard, often related to construction and safety.

- **SS**: Stands for "Schwerer Gummischlauchleitung," meaning heavy-duty rubber-sheathed cable. This denotes a robust, flexible cable suitable for demanding environments.

- **H**: Indicates that the cable has a highly flexible construction, making it suitable for applications requiring frequent bending and movement.

- **Ö**: Oil-resistant. This cable can withstand exposure to oils and other petroleum-based substances, which is crucial for industrial and mining environments.

- **U**: Designed for underground use, meaning the cable is suitable for installation in mining operations and other subterranean applications.

- **3E**: Represents three earth conductors. This part of the designation specifies the number and type of conductors within the cable.

- **+ST**: The "+ST" indicates that the cable includes an overall screen or shielding, providing protection against electromagnetic interference (EMI) and ensuring stable performance in environments with high electrical noise.





Characteristics and Applications of (N) SSHÖU 3E+ST Cable


#### 1. **German Standard Compliance ((N))**

The (N) marking ensures that the cable meets stringent German standards for construction, safety, and performance. This compliance is a guarantee of quality and reliability in industrial applications.


#### 2. **Heavy-Duty Rubber Sheathing (SS)**

The robust rubber sheath provides excellent protection against mechanical damage, abrasion, and harsh environmental conditions.


This makes the cable suitable for heavy-duty applications in mining and industrial settings.


3. **High Flexibility (H)**

With a highly flexible construction, the (N) SSHÖU 3E+ST cable can endure frequent movement and bending.


This is essential in applications where the cable needs to be routed through complex paths or subjected to constant motion.


4. **Oil Resistance (Ö)**


The oil-resistant property ensures that the cable can operate reliably in environments where it may come into contact with oils and other chemicals.


This is particularly important in mining and industrial applications where such exposure is common.



5. **Underground Suitability (U)**

Designed for underground use, the cable can withstand the demanding conditions found in mining tunnels and shafts.


This includes resistance to moisture, mechanical stress, and environmental wear.


6. **Three Earth Conductors (3E)**


The inclusion of three earth conductors enhances the safety and functionality of the cable, providing reliable grounding and protection in complex electrical systems.



7. **Overall Screening (+ST)**

The overall screen or shielding protects the cable from electromagnetic interference (EMI), ensuring stable performance in environments with high levels of electrical noise.


This is critical in maintaining signal integrity and preventing disruptions in sensitive electronic equipment.



Advantages of Using (N) SSHÖU 3E+ST Cables


- **Durability**: The heavy-duty rubber sheath and robust construction make these cables ideal for harsh environments, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

- **Safety**: Oil resistance and underground suitability ensure the cable performs reliably and safely in challenging conditions.

- **Flexibility**: High flexibility allows for easy installation and routing, even in applications requiring frequent movement.

- **EMI Protection**: The overall shielding provides excellent protection against electromagnetic interference, ensuring stable and reliable operation of electrical systems.




The (N) SSHÖU 3E+ST cable is designed for demanding industrial and mining applications, providing durability, flexibility, and reliable performance in harsh environments.


By understanding the specific characteristics denoted by its designation, users can select the appropriate cable type to ensure efficient and safe operations in their specific applications.