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Company News About Tailored Mining Cable Solutions to Meet Every Need
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Tailored Mining Cable Solutions to Meet Every Need

Latest company news about Tailored Mining Cable Solutions to Meet Every Need


Anhui Feichun Special Cable Co., Ltd., As your seasoned partner, addressing the intricate demands of the Australian mining sector and the global mining industry.


With over 25 years of dedicated experience, Feichun Mining Cable offers bespoke solutions finely tuned to resolve your challenges. Renowned for superior quality and durability, our products command a prominent position in global markets.


As a premier global electrical cable manufacturer headquartered in China, we specialize in delivering reeling and trailing cables meticulously crafted to serve various mining stages, transformer stations, coal mining machines, and other industrial applications, both below and above ground.


Our cables adhere strictly to international and Australian Standards, boasting features such as impeccable flame resistance, scratch resistance, unparalleled flexibility, and consistent electrical performance, even in the most arduous wet conditions.


**Comprehensive Range of Mining Cables:**


- **Type 241:** Specially engineered for robust performance in underground mining environments.

- **Type 241.1:** Compliant with AS/NZS 1802 standards, ideal for coal extraction and mining activities.

- **Type 245:** Tailored for resilient performance in transformer stations and power distribution networks.

- **Type 275:** Engineered to withstand the harsh conditions prevalent in underground mining settings, offering reliable power transmission, control, and communication.

- **Type 440:** Crafted for superior performance and longevity in surface mining operations, ensuring uninterrupted power supply.

- **Type 441:** Equipped with three earth cores and one pilot core, optimized for slow reeling and trailing activities in mining applications.

- **Type 406:** Engineered to power high-voltage machinery, such as cranes, operating in underground mining environments.

- **Type 450:** Designed for slow reeling and trailing applications, catering to various machinery requirements with robust metal-screened power cores.

- **Type 409:** Precision-engineered with specific gauge size, insulation type, and conductor material, ensuring reliable performance across a broad temperature range.

- **Type 2s:** Featuring a copper-screened tin conductor, perfect for powering high-voltage equipment and longwall lighting circuits in mining operations.



As the forefront mining cable manufacturer and supplier in China, FeiChun Cable presents an exhaustive array of mining cables meticulously designed to endure the harshest conditions, guaranteeing optimal performance, reliability, and safety for both underground and surface mining operations.


Forge an alliance with us to experience unparalleled quality and meticulous attention to detail, tailored precisely to your unique mining requirements.



**Contact Us Today:**



Global Sales Manager: Zihao Yang

Phone: +86 138 5512 3218